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Thank you for this quiz. I actually need to improve despite being a teacher..Emotion: big smile
i need more questions.....^_^
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Fandorin Hi there. There is a quiz from book "Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate", preparing for the ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE) (Cambridge University) . It's extracted from one module, devoted to Modals. It implies upper-intermediate level. I hope it would be useful. 1.When we were at school we Selecthad toought to wear a uniform.2. You Selectmustn'tdon't have to fasten during the whole of the flight.3. You Select've got toshould tell her you're sorry.4. You Selectneed tomust be a member of the library before you can borrow books.5. I Selectshouldn'tdon't need to wear glasses because my eyesight is still quite good.6. We Selectweren't allowed towouldn't talk to our partners because it was examination.7. We Selectcouldn't haveneedn't have ordered so much food as nobody was hungry.8. She Selectneedn't havedidn't need to take any money because her friend was going to pay.9. When I first came to Madrid I Selectcouldcouldn't speak only a few words in Spanish.10. SelectMust youDid you have to have your hair cut before the interview last week?

I am scored 10 out of 7. When i am doing wrong answer, how can i know whether its correct or not. Can you explain my mistakes?
Yes, you can definitely say "You've got to tell her." This basically means that you no choice. He has to wear glasses, he has no choice, there isn't really a viable option. Laser surgery, perhaps?
My english so sucks
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ya,these questions are really interesting..Emotion: cool
You all are my great and helpful teachers. Thank you all for your kindly sharing!!! Merry Christmas)))
Yes, man, I totally agree with your answer with should
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please tell me how is my test and what should I improve first in my English
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