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Need is necessity. Must is law/norm or someone obliging you.

I need to wear glasses to read. I don't need to study this weekend.

You must be 18 to buy alcohol. You mustn't feed the animals.

You must be home before 11pm. You mustn't tell her this secret.

I think the word "English" is always capitalized, even when it is used as an adjective to describe a person, thing, nationality, etc. Or was it just "a technical mistake" by your side?))

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10 on 10 again.

This test was a piece of cake.

Not a Good score for me.

#5 is incorrect.

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The correct answer to number 3 is: should.

You are correct that it is a SUGGESTION & not a strong suggestion or requirement.

I wonder if "ought to" is absolutely wrong in 1.

8 of 10. This sounds good

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