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I really need help with Module 7, checkpoint three. Questions 6,7,8,9,10,11 &27. I have failed 3 times and the supervisor has sent me an email telling me he will allow me one last attempt to get this right. Even with all the extra feedback they are sending me i just don't get it! I don't know where i am going wrong and how to answer these questions.

I only have 40 days left to finish the entire course and i really want to complete it and not have to pay again.

Please help if you can i would really appreciate it.


What grammatical structure is being taught?


How does the teacher make the meaning (i.e. function, concept) of the structure clear?


How does the teacher check student understanding?


How do the students practise the structure?


Write about 200 words on what you thought about the lesson. How effective was the teacher’s use of a context to teach a new grammatical structure? Was the lesson a success? Why/why not? How did the teacher personalise the lesson? Was there a good balance of presentation, practice and production?


How would you teach the form ‘going to + verb’ used for future plans to a pre-intermediate class?

Outline your lesson plan using the following headings as a guideline.

Warmer / Lead in
Presentation (in a suitable context) and drilling
Controlled practice activity
Production (a personalised communicative activity).

Briefly say what you would do for each stage of the lesson (in bullet point). Each of the four stages above may contain more than one activity.

Remember to include examples of the sentences you will present and your students will practise. The sentences should follow this pattern: Subject + 'am/ is /are going to + verb' and they should express future plans. Also include at least one concept question you would use to check understanding.


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6. The grammatical structure being taught is Used to + infinitive (modal auxiliary verb "used to" + infinitive verb), and refers to a past habit that is likely discontinued or not happening in the present.
7. He compares statements in Peter's former life with His "new" life
the teacher asks concept questions and after that He asks students to give Him a sentence to say how His life has changed (Teacher elicit the structure).

After that, He writes on the board the title of the lesson (used to) and the form using a substitution table.
8. concept questions and with a context-based work sheet
9. in pairs, asking and answering questions about things they did when they were kids...
10. yourself... read everything, cause all is there in the modules...all we need is to read carefully and all the questions can be solved with the information given in the course...it's not easy, but not impossible as well.
11. ......
27. recon

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Hi, There I am also struggling with the no.11 activity if you have the answer or a link where I could get some ideas I would really appreciate the help.