I think money not everything but that is most important other thing we need for our lives.
If you think about that a little , you know that when you havent health in your live what will happen?
I think money is necessary for me but not all of my purpose in my live.

"With money you can buy a house but not a home;With money you can buy a clock but not time; With money you can buy a bed but not sleep; With money you can buy a book but not knowledge; With money you can buy a doctor but not health; With money you can buy a position but not respect; With money you can buy blood but not life; With money you can buy sex but not love."

I think that money is very important thing in our lives.
Without money we are not able to live... If we would be able to live without the money - why do we work, what for? I don;t belive that some people work for their pleasure only... We work, we spent 8 hours or more in a work, we don't like our bosses, our boring offices - but we go there every day to earn money! of course money is not a thing that can make us happy, but we feel secure, safe and calm when we know that our bank account isn't empty...

Money isn't everything but... there are many but's... A simple example: witout money you can't have an internet, so you can't develop your language, what reduces to your unknown, and so on...
It should be enough money to study, to develop abilities and not to worry about the future.

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I don't agree at all.
People work 8 hours a week or more because that is how it is done. If you don't enjoy working, then quit and do something you do enjoy.

A simple example: witout money you can't have an internet, so you can't develop your language, what reduces to your unknown, and so on...

Hey...have you ever heard of a library? -_-

Oh and by the way, you don't need money to study or develop skills and abilities. I'd say it's actually better to do so without money.

After I turn 18 I'm going to live on $1000 dollars for a whole year although I know some people could make it on $0. And don't think I'm naive, it's very possible.


ps. I would say however, that it would be harder for a family to do this. It is much easier for one person.
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Money is not everything but you can buy nothing without money! Lolzz!

Wise words Tammy. Emotion: wink

Well money definitely counts in the real life. Imagine you had a family comprising 5 children. Unless you earned a decent salary, it'd be virtually impossible for you to sustain yourself.
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Quite. In fact, life without money is almost inpossible, though money isn't everything!

u r right![Y]
I would like to say, that more and more people I´m talking with says that they are satisfied with their salary and they dont need to have more at the expense of their leisure. They like their work but also their hobbies and don´t need to have everything e.g. that his neighbour has. I think it´s really good phenomenon, because after the "velvet revolution" in 1989 and implementation of self-employed system everyone felt to be "in" only when was working 24/7 and therefore seemed to earn a lot of money. This situation became quite in these days, fortunately.

The other prerequisite, as was told above and to avoid any problems, is if I have a family, my partner would have to agree with this opinion.
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