Hello everyone, now I will present my talk. People say "money is nothing, happiness is everything". I neither agree nor disagree with this point of view. To say that money is nothing is not true. In the present era, without money, people would not be able to exist. Money is something to ensure our material and spiritual life, so that we can survive through the days and develop with the times. But if you only have money and live a boring, unhappy life, would you like it? Definitely not, money may not be there, but happiness must be there, happiness is everything. Happiness is important to everyone's life, it balances the emotions inside of us. Help us forget the sadness we have experienced, give us more motivation to strive for the future. Happiness also contributes to a healthy body, full of vitality, a refreshing spirit when you always load positive "vitamins", eliminating the harmful effects of anxiety and life pressure. Having happiness If we are happy, motivated, we can also earn money. On the other hand, money cannot buy happiness. That's why there is a saying "Money is nothing, happiness is everything".


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