This is mostly for those my age or about, but I think younger people could find this interesting.

As a Brazilian quasi Beatlemaniac, I listen to the band's songs once in a while, as well as their members solo works. Some stuff still surprise me--one of them being the lyrics of "Monkberry Moon Delight".

Can anyone give me a clue on what Macca means with all that? :-S

Monkberry Moon Delight (*)

So I sat in the attic,
A piano at my nose,
And the wind played a dreadful cantata (cantata...).
Sore was I from the crack of an enemys hose,
And the horrible sound of tomato (tomato...).

Ketchup (ketchup)
Soup and puree (soup and puree),
Dont get left behind (get left behind)...

When a rattle of rats had awoken,
The sinews, the nerves and the veins.
My piano was boldly outspoken, in attempts to repeat its refrain.

So I stood with a knot in my stomach,
And I gazed at that terrible sight
Of two youngsters concealed in a barrel,
Sucking monkberry moon delight.

Monkberry moon delight,
Monkberry moon delight.

Well, I know my banana is older than the rest,
And my hair is a tangled beretta.
When I leave my pajamas to billy budapest,
And I dont get the gist of your letter (your letter...).

Catch up! (catch up),
Cats and kittens (cats and kittens),
Dont get left behind (get left behind)...

Monkberry moon delight...
Monkberry moon delight...

(*) Exactly as found over the Net.
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What is Macca? Its not in the song. What exactly is your question?

Beatles fan
MACCA is just like a nickname for paul McCartney
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AnonymousWhat is Macca? Its not in the song. What exactly is your question?

Beatles fan

Yes, Macca is Paul's nickname. As for what is my question, you see, I can't even find what "monkberry" means. In fact, the lyrics at times seem so surrealistic to me!
I think it's all simple actually.
Paul is sitting in some shitty bar or hotel or smth ("The Attic", "soup and puree, don't get left behind"), in a bad mood, trying to make music. Then someone turns on a radio with some silly band ("Tomato"). Of course, Paul is feeling upset about it. And some two under-ages sitting drinking coctail ("Monkberry Moon Delight") Emotion: smile That's it, in two words..
P.S. I've read somewhere about such association: "ketchup" is John, "soup" is George and "puree" is Ringo. And Paul tries to say "my music surpasses yours guys, you are no good - don't get left behind". But even if he ever wanted to say so, i guess he should say it as a joke Emotion: smile
Sorry for my English.
as an old beatles fan-(i hope ican say this here?) but i always knew monkberry moon delight as a reference to a blowjob

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Nope. As with most of Ram it's about John. He an Lennon were kids getting high on the fame (Monkberry) trapped in a 'barrel' ie a goldfishbowl and enjoying every minute of it. The 'tomato' is a reference to his slanging matches with Lennon. The 'crack of my enemy's hose' is another. 'Pyjamas' is a dig at Lennon's charity work (in bed with Yoko). 'The gist of your letters' is simply saying he doesn't understand Lennon's correspondence to him. All pretty obtuse but that's my take and it fits with the theme of the album which has to be his best imo. You just can't skip a track.

"When my kids were young they used to call milk 'monk' for whatever reason that kids do - I think it's magical the way that kids can develop better names for things than the real ones. In fact, as a joke, Linda and I still occasionally refer to an object by that child-language name. So, monk was always milk, and monkberry moon delight was a fantasy drink, rather like Love Potion No. 9, hence the line in the song, 'sipping monkberry moon delight'. It was a fantasy milk shake."
Paul McCartney

I am sure some of the verses have deep meaning but so many try and equate it with drugs etc.

the 2 kids could be Mcartney and Lennon or Pauls kids?

The point is Paul was an abstract art lover and poet so unless you get a definitve respone from the author himself on the meaning we can speculate forever on the meanings good fun eh...
I went on line to get anything that I could to ADD to what I know what M.M.D. was about. And after reading posts, I'm baffled. There's no huge secret to it. it's obvious. LENNON said that it was directed at him. It was (as almost al lof Ram was) an angry assault on Lennon, at a ime when two men that loved each other as brothers were very, very angry at one another (and hurt). Lennon had come out earlier and attacked McCartney's "McCartney" album, saying that (basically) it was sad, that Macca sounded depressed, etc. And so, McCartney..... It's important to understand the underlying respect that these two had or each other musically (as well as, I think, individually)... They were just very angry!.
Now: With that said.... McCartney (and the rest of the world) knew that Lennon was always insecure regarding his voice (irony of ironies). And so, in the midst of their anger, after Lennon had accused McCartney of being depressed and recording the album in his living room ("McCartney"), McCrtney took the bait, took to the studio, and recorded.... RAM! (In ALL of the postings, maybe it's just common knowledge to the point that no one feels that they have to mention it(?).... On the Album Cover, There is a pic of two BeEtles (Yes BeEtles) ... getting it on. Point: ALL of Ram was McCartney's attact on the Beatles, and especially Lennon. I'm surprised that No Post mentions McCartney, as he is in the midst of a an incredible several harmony phoeneonemom, YELLING, "Try some of this, Lennon!", (Fakes Lennons voice with "What is i?t", and then responds, as only McCartney can with a Screaming , WAY out of reach of Anyone else, "Monkberry Moon Delight eite eite eite".... Etc... It's no more, no less than an open attack on Lennon with McCartney doing what he does very well: His voice simply had no boundaries. He stretched his voice, the arrangement, everything as far as he could to create a true masterpiece! I personally think that Ram is one of his best pieces of work. Lennon may very well have been right (verified by McCartney, who admitted that he was initially devastated/ very depressed over the ending of he Beatles) and openly stating that things were so bad that he wouls wake to drinking heavily every morning, etc. I applaud it. Sounds as if he dropped the depression, got in touch with a LOT of anger, which spurned on a Tremendous amount of creativity on this album. (If there are any doubters, just... Read! LENNON said that Ram was an all out attack on Him! (Just ONE other e.g., "Dear Boy" (Lennon and McCartney both said, near the end, that when they wrote a song with any feminine pronoun, they were referring to the Beatles... ("I guess you never knew, dear boy, that she was just the cutest thing around. I guess you never knew how much you missed, .... Dear boy"...
This goes on to the point of..... why even say it.... Ram was Paul's attack on John, and he did it by (Thankfully) Leaping from his depression to Righteous indignation, and (as he tends to do), it does seem that he writes his best when faced with emotional conflict. Lennon (Paraphrased), said "Paul was shooting at me indirectly throughout Ram, and I don't play that game, so I came back at him hard and heavy with "How Do You Sleep At Night".
I hope that someone reads this. It's simply correct: Dead spot on the money. Nothing more or less... Which is what makes it beautiful! . It was McCartney, breaking out of his depression, viciously attacking his brother. But the energy behind it fueled a massive wave of creativity that I'm not sure that he ever matched (To be debated... At times I think otherwise. He's pretty good, ya know). :-)

Hope this gets posted and makes sense to Someone....
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