Does anyone know anything about the Montagnard languages of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia? I'm having trouble finding resources on the web that tell me about their grammatical structures. All I really need are some simple concepts--statement and question word orders, placement of adjectives, pronouns, etc. I teach English to Montagnard refugees in the US, and I think it would be helpful to know just a little bit about their language(s).

Nestor - I have a had really good look around though I can't find a single thing.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Hello Nestor. I can point you in the direction of materials for Mnong - dictionaries and language lessons have been produced over the years by SIL International (sil.org).
I have a keen interest in Mnong and related languages, see my website via Mon-Khmer.com. I would love to know more about you work and the people you teach. Please drop me a line at: (email removed, please add to profile)
I am an American, but I date a girl who's family is from Laos. I speak the Laotian language, and I can help you with sentence structure. In the Lao language, you would not say "my dog," like you would in English. In stead you would say, "dog my." Laotian is a much simplier language than English. There are no present tense words. Lao people say "will" to distinguish future occurences and "already" for those of the past. There is a start. If you would like me to assist you further, let me know. I'm happy to help.