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What is a mood board?
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It is explained in the sentence that follows, Hublot.
Mister Micawber,

I'm still not sure about the meaning of the phrase. Does "board" in "a mood board" mean "board" in "a board of directors," not in "a cutting board"?
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It is a board like a drawing board: a piece of cardboard with pictures pasted upon it.
Hi Mister Micawber,

Does "mood" in "mood board" mean "a quality that creates a particular feeling (http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/mood )"?
Yes, the mood or feelings or atmosphere that the client considers appropriate.
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Hi MM,

Wouldn't "moody board" be correct, then?

moody board
Hi Hublot,
I think moody can be used to describe a person who has mood swings. My employer is like that: he is happy, then he is upset, then angry, then just simply sad and all of it for no apparent reason, at least not to me.Emotion: thinking Unless we live in a fairy tale, I doubt that a board can be moody.
HUBLOTHi MM,Wouldn't "moody board" be correct, then?
The board is not moody; it is about moods.
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