Dear Sir/ Madam

Do these phrases "mood out", "mood off" exist?

He is in a good mood today. He is in a bad/sad mood today. May I know some other expressions to convey this idea?

Thank you in advance.


“mood” is a noun; a state of mind that is either positive (good) or negative (bad). Thus, one may change one’s mood from good to bad upon receiving bad news. Mood is similar to temper (or temperament). “mood out” or “mood off” can not exist as mood is not a verb.

“He is ill-tempered today. He is depressed over something.”

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He is in a good mood today not mood off

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He is in a good mood today not mood off

International English is approaching like a tsunami, but it is not here yet. Thank you for that illuminating link, though. I am sure it is right on target. Between social networking, the Internet, and the collapse of the educational system in the United States, all bets are off, and this "mood off" will soon be mainstream English, even though it does not seem to mean anything at all right now.