Hey guys! This is a picture of the Moon that my husband and I took recently. Just a few days ago. I'd never taken such a photo of the Moon before!! The lens was MC Rubinar 10/1000 , in case you're interested. Emotion: wink

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Emotion: surpriseEmotion: surpriseEmotion: surprise How... how... how did you manage to get that close? Is your attic that high? And if so, how do you manage to breathe in your attic? Hmm... I just don't get it.

Oh yeah! You used special lenses, like a telescope! Heh, see, I'm so smart.Emotion: stick out tongue
But... Greeeeeat pic! Awesome. You can see the details, and the colors seem natural. [Y]
Oh yeah, I live in a very high attic. Emotion: stick out tongue But in any case I'm glad you liked it!!
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Kooyeen and the colors seem natural.
Kooyeen, I didn't know you'd been up there and knew the colours were natural! I wouldn't have been able to tell whether they were natural or not. Up here we only have the pictures that the Americans have released and we have to be content with that. Emotion: sad

Just kidding. Nice to see pictures of anything really. Very few people seem to post them these days. Thanks, Ruslana. [Y]
I'm glad you found them like that, CB! Emotion: smile
I am amazed! The quality is really great. I could believe you if you said I worked for Nasa once. Emotion: big smile
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You should sell these pictures, they're absolutely magnificent!
I guess if i got a 905 $ i can also buy that lens and take photos too Emotion: stick out tongue
Yep, and then you could sell those too! Emotion: stick out tongue
Not a bad price though, if I ever have that money left over (in a gazillion years) I'll buy one too!
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