What does it mean?
Thank you in advance
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it is a sarcastic comment, Antonia, like "and pigs can fly".
Hi Antonia,
I googled it and found lots of sites, quotes, ... on that and its origin. But still nothing on its current meaning!
The Moon is made of green cheese: A term from the sixteenth century. "Green" refers not to
the color of the moon, but to new immature cheese. Round like the shape of the moon with a mottled surface and color similar to that of the moon.
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Abbie came to our help once again. Thanks Abbie.
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It's rather repulsing... Is it a translation, Antonia? a thriller? or a horror book?
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It helps a lot!!!Thanks
well the moon is not made of green cheese but every one thinks it is but its not it has holes from craters.
Abbie1948it is a sarcastic comment, Antonia, like "and pigs can fly".
Cows can cough!

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