Please help! I'm confused? I need to find the action and linking verbs in the following:

"You need to have confidence in yourself and your body, John says. You need to be comfortable, and have a strong will and determination."

John is a budy guy, even though we only see him working on Sundays. He spends nearly every day at his more than full time job. The Bucks pay him a lot of money, the most in the field to work hard. He takes that commitment seriously. He never take it more seriously than when he's out on the field, directing the Bucks high powered offense. It seems almost effortless the way John is able to change the play on the fly, regularly but not always getting the best of the defense. It's anything but effortless. We call two or three plays in the huddle, and it's my job to get us into the right play, John says. Sometimes I am wrong. A lot of this goes back to preparation throughout the week and watching a lot of tapes.

John added an instant spark to the team during his rookie season. Fans thrilled with his every move, as he became as much of a threat with his legs as with his arm. John ran for more yards in his first two years than anybody in the teams history. He set a record for most rushing yards in a game, forcing the other team for 173 yards. He has an odd ability to know when to run and when to stay back to pass. "I rely on instinct more than anything," John says. "I don't consider myself a running player; I use my legs because God blessed me with speed. But I consider myself a person who does what it takes to win for his team.
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An action verb shows action, i.e. it's what someone or something does.

For instance, in the sentence 'he runs down the road', 'runs' is an
action verb, because it shows what 'he' did.

A linking verb shows condition or state of being, i.e. it's what someone or something is.

For instance, in the sentence 'John is tall', 'is' is a linking verb, because it
links 'John' and his condition ('tall').

As a rough rule, if you can substitute a tense of the verb 'to be' for a verb,
it's probably a linking verb.

If you go through the verbs in your extract and mark the action and linking
verbs in a fresh post, we'll check them for you.

its easy look for the words like see, look, run, talk, feel, appear, they are all things you see/do!!!