The Stoics used this concept to solve some philosophical problems too. They saw

Pneuma as the “sustaining cause” which guides the growth of living beings and

holds them together. It was the reason why some beings are more intelligent and

conscious than others – for example, why human beings were more alive than

animals. All living beings had varying concentrations of Pneuma inside them, with

“higher” life forms having larger concentrations than lower.

--- Does "more alive" mean that they had more live in themselves?
Greetings, Newguest,

basically, alive does not allow for degrees of comparison. But, since the sense conveyed by text largely deals with philosophy and the amount of substance that makes living creatures more or less 'alive', it is possible here. More alive in this context most probably means that people, as opposed to animals, have certain additional qualities which other species lack, such as the capacity for intelligent thought, analysis and synthesis as well as acquiring and speaking languages that convey their thoughts, and not only primitive emotions. As animals do not possess these features, they are considered to be less alive - in other words, inferior to people.

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Thanks so much for your advice, Gleb Chebrikoff
My pleasure, Birdmaru, and - first and foremost - welcome to the forums!

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Thanks for the answer Gleb!
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You are welcome, Newguest! I'm glad this helped. Good luck to you!

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