This case is no more big than that one.

Someone says the above sentence is right.

If it's right, how different is it from "This case is no bigger than that one." and "This case is the same size as that one."

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That someone isn't really correct. While both sentences may mean the same thing, the first is not generally accepted as proper English. Natives would always say "bigger." There really is no hard and fast rule on this.
Come on, the hits at Google are:
2 for "no more big than that one"
17,500 for "no bigger than that one"
and those 2 show up on what I think are Japanese sites:
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Got it! Thanks, Marius. Emotion: smile
Hang on a second.

There is a structure in English

A is no more B than C. It means that neither of the Cs is at all B.

You need to look carefully at the structure. does the sentence have no or not? Does it use the comparitive or not?

A is not more B than C... C is more B than A


This dog is not friendlier than that dog. The second dog is friendlier. (not used with 'friendlier' comparitive)

A is no more B than C - neither A nor C is B - C is particularly known for not being B, and we are comparing A to



This dog is no more friendly than that dog. We've already noticed that the second dog is not friendly. Now we are saying that the first dog isn't friendly either, it is no friendlier than the second dog. ('no' used with 'friendly')
That's fine, Nona, but would you use "more big" or "bigger?" Emotion: smile
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I don't think you got my point.

When A is bigger than B, then of course 'bigger'.

When A and B are the same, and neither of them is big, then 'no more big than'.

Hard to find an example to explain really

It's often used in a disparaging way to disprove something.

For example

'That women is no more an actress than I am!" (I am not am actress and neither is she, although it seems clear that 'she' or someone is trying to claim that 'she' is)

"That is no more a diamond than this lump of coal!"

This case is no more big than that one. - Neither of the cases is big at all.
nona the britA is no more B than C. It means that neither of the Cs is at all B.
Nona, why are you including three components when the example only had two? A is no bigger than B. It may not be the BEST way to say it in all cases, but it's not WRONG. If I were handed a project that I didn't think I could handle, my boss would probably say: Kristy, why are you stressing? This project is no bigger than the last one I gave you.

Why is that wrong?
>That women is no more an actress than I am!
That's fine.
But can you disparage a case?
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