Would you answer my question? Are the following sentences grammatically correct and do they make sense?A: My daughter is very naughty and bullies boys. She seems to me to be more boy than girl.B: Lucille van Pelt, often made fusses about trifles and bullied boys in her childhood.
However, now she has a girl and 2 boys, and they are all quiet and obedient children.
There isn't any Lucille in them.

That is nearly all fine. Just a couple of comments. In (B), the comma after "Lucille van Pelt" is incorrect and should be deleted. "a girl and 2 boys" is poor style. "a girl and two boys" is much better. There are also layout errors in your post.


Delete the comma after "Pelt". Spell out single-digit numbers unless there is a reason not to. Other than that, it's good.

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Thank you GPY.

Sorry GPY. I have another question, please.
Is "Lucille" in B an abstract noun instead of a proper noun?

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Thank you anonymous.

Magic-dragonIs "Lucille" in B an abstract noun instead of a proper noun?

I suppose you could say so, in the sense that it means "Lucille-like behavioural traits" rather than the physical Lucille.

Thank you very much GPY.

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