My question is rather general. Since in English almost every word, expression, conjunction etc. has more than one meaning, I have trouble learning their all uses. I'd very much like you to lead me to find enough number of examples for each word. Google produces wrong results as many as the true ones. I think I need a comprehensive online dictionary or English teaching sites. Only for more examples. Any other recommendations will be welcome.

Thanks in advance..
You might try Googling for learner's dictionaries.

Here's one. (I suspect there are many others.)


Enter the word in the search box at the top left. Once you get to the definition page, you'll note the example sentences in blue.

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Thank you CJ, it's a good online dictionary with a lot of examples. But when it comes to the phrases, it doesn't produce results at times. For example; I searched "as long as" and didn't get any result at all. Yet it's a very good source. Looks like I'll be a loyal user in the future. I'm happy you let me know about it. Thanks again.
this website will definitely give U a copious good examples: /

imantaghavithis website will definitely give U a copious good examples: /
The other day Mr. Micawber mentioned that dictionary. Definitions are good but examples seemed a bit insufficient to me. But still, I apply it occasionally. Thank you.
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