Good day,
i like to have advice again, because Justine now her little round stomac is more fat and she is some time sick. i think it is that she is to have babies, but my maman she says that it is not possible, haha!
Is it that there is some body that can to give his advices?
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Gosh, she's found a dad for her children?
has she been in contact with a male? if so, I guess she is gonna have some cute!!
otherwise, you can always bring her to the vet..
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My children would hate that?
Ooh, amandnie, Justine i am the only man she has contacts. And when i give her the saucige, naturaly.
Didn't you say she was ferocious? Poor saugage.
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Who is Justine?
Looks like she's pregnant all right.
Aah, ouistiti, i see you are interested to Justine!
Good, she is OK, i go at the veterinar and she has eat a wrong saucige. It was not the one of me.
You mean she suffers from "saucige" intoxication?
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