hey ...

you're hair is more nice than hers ?


you hair is nicer than hers ?

which is grammatically correct ? Please help me out !!!

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you hair is nicer than hers ?

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Comparative of superiority for adjectives with

a) one syllable - Adjective + _er

fat-fatter, big-bigger, thin-thinner, old-older, young-younger

b) three or more syllable - More + adjective

more sociable, more intelligent, more polite

c) two syllables... It depends:

adjective ending in Y - 1st option (_er) - happy-happier, lazy-lazier, pretty-prettier

adjective NOT ending in y - 2nd option (more) - more famous, more able, more solid

As for nice... By this rule of grammar, we should say "more nice than...". But actually, almost everybody says "Nicer than" (although it is against this rule). What should I say to my students about this? (and to myself-...)

No, it's not against the rule. By the same rule you stated above, you should use "nicer" NOT" "more nice than". Reread the rule you stated above. It's correct. "Nice" is an adjective, meanwhile, it has one syllable , so this will lead you to (a). Just add "er" to the end of the word.

It seems that you looked at (c) then you got lost , but you shouldn't look at "c" in the first place because, "c" is the rule of TWO syllables.

So, what you should say to your students and yourself is still "a".

Generally speaking, In English, I know there are words or verbs that don't follow rules and they are a lot too. But "Nice" is not one of them.

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