So this question arises from the fact that I know "funner" is not a word. the appropriate phrase is "more fun." However, when using "pretty" can one say "prettier" or is it supposed to be "more pretty?"
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For an adjective with one syllable, and as tall, we use taller than than "more tall".

However, for a word with two syllables, we actually have a choice. For instance, we can say prettier or "more pretty". This may sound new to some people but you can verify it with a book on grammar (e.g. Eastwood). I have slao checked this with two native speakers of English, one from the US and one from England.

I hope this helps.
Then is prettier wrong?
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AnonymousThen is prettier wrong?

Which part of "we can use more pretty or prettier" don't you understand?
Nowadays I go by wiki instdead of encyclopedia. Still, I would say more funny over funnier and better looking over prettier.. Especially women will understand that! Hey and I'm outside that category..
Oh my gosh-I just watched Idiocracy today. I was correcting things throughout the movie lol. I can't remember what a "reporter" said, but it was something like "more gooder" or something incorrect. Then a Dr. doesn't even speak English correctly!! That movie was stupidly amusing. We had to take a break from the stupidity 1/2 way through, and finished it today. Has a good moral though!!
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From my view prettier just seems to flow better. As for fun, funner, and funnest, you guys are too cruel in this area. English is still a growing language and I am sure these words fit in the language much more firmly than some of the flash in the pan garbage that is added yearly by certain dictionaries. All the tech words will probably disappear in the near future. Fun and its relatives are here to stay. Now go out there and have some fun, folks!
Thank you so much Emotion: smile It's really helpful!
Prettier is most definitely a word and can be used to described either a male and/or a female.
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AnonymousPrettier is most definitely a word and can be used to described either a male and/or a female.
It is not normally used of males.