Which one of the following is correct and why?

While knitting with more than one colour.....
While knitting with more than one colours.....
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More than one colour.
Mister Micawber,

Here's my chance to attempt to carry out your instructions for linking to another post:

More than one
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Well done, davkett[Y]
Hi Abbie,

Can you tell me how to use a bold font in a post?
Worked like a dream, Dave. I thought the question looked familiar.

Here is a set of English Forums HTML codes:

(all the HTML codes shown below need to have the spaces
next to the removed or they will not work)

italic text here = italic text here
bold text here = bold text here
underlined text here = underlined text here
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Hi dav,

have a look here:
I couldn't find that thread, Abbie-- is it possible to pin it, HH? Or, that can only be done at inception, eh?
I pinned it on "Help"
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