Which of the following is correct?

"There are more than one dog in the garden."


"There are more than one dogs in the garden."

I have seen both before but don't know which
is more correct.

Hi Simon- Heather here- I'm an ESL teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

Because your sentence is about "one" dog, not 2 or more- the sentence needs to be :

"There IS more than one dog in the garden.

If there were TWO dogs it would be:

"There ARE more than two dogs in the garden."

I know it's confusing because of the "more than" in the sentence, but that's English! Emotion: smile
Hope this helps!

\Heather Bienefelt
Thanks for your advice, but it's really a bit unreasonable.
"more than one" implies "at least two". I think it's illogical to
use "there is".

I searched "there is more than one" in googles and got
451,000 matches. "there are more than one" returned 75,600.
Do you think we should stick to the "wrong" habit of saying
something or go for the "correct" but less common syntax.