Hello all! I went for a walk today and made some photos about 5 hours ago. I live in rather a picturesque residential area in Moscow. That's why I decided to share this images with you. Sorry the photos are so small but I could not place them in the real size. You can see larger pictures if you click the link. This is a small river nearby my house.

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These are Russian ducks swimming in the river. :-)

You can see it is winter now and the temperature is 18° Fahrenheit (-8° Celsius). That's why the horse is in a horse-cloth.

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Fellows with a radio-controlled plane.

There is a pond covered with ice and snow on the left. Three hundred years old oaks are right. And there is the summer-house of the 17th century in the distance. You see it closer soon.

And this is the view in the opposite direction (with respect to the previous photo).

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The summer-house of the 17th century I have promised to show closer.

Please notice the tower in the background of the picture...

...The gate I asked to notice. It was built in the 17th century, too.

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