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Introducing the Moola ring. It is a smart ring packed with many features that will blow you away. We are going to breakdown what Moola smart ring can do. One of the most tremendous features of this ring is: wireless charging. With our fast charging stand, you can finish charging your ring in a jiffy by tapping your ring on the charging stand. The Built-in NFC feature makes payments easier than ever. Tap your ring on any NFC supported payment machines and your payment is made. Moreover, The NFC feature can communicate with other “NFC enabled” devices such as doors, mobile phones. Now you do not need a key. Tap! The Moola ring unlocks it for you. In addition, it has a GPS feature in case you lost your ring. You can track your ring using our smart phone app. Also, the “grow” feature. Never lost in the dark again because Moola ring can act as a torch. What is more, the material. It is made with a top-notch, scratch-proof material.