Hello .
Some photos of my city . Moskow

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ISU_152, welcome to the forum!:)

Were those pics taken by you? They are amazing! (..but I thought you would post some pics with snow..Emotion: stick out tongue)

i like sun better )))
Moskow is very beautiful in summer but very depressive in winter.

this is Moskow river station

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Summer? It seems so cold...
Sorry . I make this photo in winter of course. But i beginner in forum and in next time i try to write more correctly.
I travel a lot across my city and make a lot of photo of very interesing place.
And what looking your city ?
nice pics isu Emotion: smile i like Moscow
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Find in my PC some other

Moskow . Monument in glory of spaсe explorers

Hi Isu
Thanks for sharing the photos. In Helsinki there is an Orthodox church, which somewhat resembles the church in your first picture. Unfortunately a modern building has been built very close to it, which spoils the view from the sea and a market square. I may take a picture of it in the summer and upload it in my Helsinki pictures thread.
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