Hi there,

I want a book or something that contains the most common sentences or phrases in English.

And also contain different types of these sentences.

As an example I like to know the below common sentences exist:

Nice to meet you, Happy to see you, Glad to see you, Good to see you, etc.

I want a source that involves these types of sentences and different types of them. Maybe the voice is preferable.

another example could be at the end of a letter:

Best, Regards, sincerely, Wishes, etc.



I found some nice links for you, but I don't have a book to recommend right off the top of my head.





Thank you for helping.

I've just seen these sources and enjoyed.

I have another question:

Do you know a good source (site, file, etc.) that contains some useful notes about speaking or listening English that we must know when speaking or listening. Specifically, I mean some implicit or secret-type notes that usually not saying about them, but can help us to better understand. For example some breaking in words, as comfteble (in turn of comfortable), wana (want to), etc.

and some joints in words formation in sentences, as woujolike (would you like), or ??? ...

or any other notes that could help to better understand.

In fact, although I think I have a good pool of words in my mind, but I have problem when listening a native voice in making sentences and sticking the words together.