I guess most "notherners" (many Americans, Canadians, Scandinavians, etc etc) have to (twice a year) "toggle" between snow (winter) and "summer" (??) tires... The word combinations snow tire / winter tire seem to be quite common in English.... But what about the type of car tire opposite to the "winter tire"?

If it is hard to find a general term equally common in Europe and North America, let's take Alaska for definiteness :-)

I doubt the term "summer tire" is ever used by native speakers... Do English speakers normally use the term "all-season tires" for the alien "summer tires"?

Looking forward to you comments. Thank you for your help!


Where I grew up in New Jersey a while back, it was "snow" tires, not "winter". The other ones were just "tires" (but if you could afford "radials", you never let them forget it). If we had to mention them together, I guess we would say "snow tires and regular tires". All-season tires came later and were neither snow nor regular, but tire technology has advanced since then, and most tires that aren't dedicated snow tires are now all-season I guess, so we can say that, even though we sound like a Goodyear commercial when we do. The upshot is that there is no actual term for a non-snow tire as such.

Dear Anonymous!

I really appreciate your comments! They are very interesting and helpful (as always!)