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I know, I knoooow Emotion: smile Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
ALANYLPROLYLALANYLSERINE is a name for Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Hard, isn't it? Emotion: wink
I doubt it. You've just listed some amino acids. Maybee it's a protein this virus starts producing.
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Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsylicavolcaniconiosis. name of a lung disease caused by microscopic silica dust inhaled into the lungs.
quote "I shall not argue against it from the supposed impossibility of infinite succession, barely and absolutely considered in itself; for a reason which shall be mentioned hereafter: but if we consider such an infinite progression, as one entire endless series of beings can have no cause from without, of its existence; because in it are supposed to be included all things that are or ever were in the universe: and ’tis plain it can have no reason within itself, of its existence; because no one being in this infinite succession is supposed to be self-existent or necessary (which is the only ground or reason of existence of any thing, that can be imagined within the thing itself, as with presently more fully appear), but every one dependent on the foregoing: and where no part is necessary; ’tis manifest the whole cannot be necessary; absolute necessity of existence, not being an outward, relative, and accidental determination; but an inward and essential property of the nature of the thing which so exists." unquote

The above is definitely the longest sentence that I have come across. Don't really know whether it is grammatically correct!
The Longest most complex sentence in the written English language is in The Rotters' Club By Johnathan Coe consitsting of 13,955 words; that is the approximate length of your average recreational novel. However the afore noted passage by Clarke Samuel at 170 words is still rather impressive.
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try say "the sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick.

Difficult sentences for guys to say:
1> "I love you."
2> "Yes, please kick me square in the balls."
3> "I think I'm lost. Lets stop and ask for directions."
4> "Christina Aguilera's fashion sense has really declined overthe pastfew years."
5> "Hugh Heffner is NOT the luckiest sonovabitch in the world."

Difficult sentences for women to say:
1> "No. Thank you for the offer but I have enough shoes."
2> "Yes, she is prettier than me."
3> "I am wrong."
4> "Christina Aguilera's fashion sense has really improved over the past few years."
5> "Jennifer Aniston is NOT the luckiest biatch in the world."
Emotion: wink Read some books by Joseph Conrad, especially Lord Jim, some sentences in there are literally full pages of smaller than 12 font.
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