One of my favorite things I remember is my Father taking me out to the coffee shop and sharing his coffee with me. We didn't get a lot of time with Dad but I use to love having those moments with him.
It seems that you Love your father a lot.
Do you know girls areattached to father more and boys to their mothers.
Emotion: smile
Hi lav
Yes I do, I no longer have him, but I loved, admired, and respected him. But I think boys bond just as close to mothers as girls do to their fathers. But I suppose it would depend on the situation.
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I have a lot of nice memories. One of them is with my mom. She was a baker. Early in the morning she had to get up so the customers would have fresh baked bread.

I was 15 maybe 16 years. Normaly I would get up around 6.00 am. This morning I woke up, looked at the clock and thought that it was 5.55 am. So I turn off the alarm-clock, and got up. One hour to soon. I realized it when I walked into the bakery and my mom ask, "Why are you so early?"

To cut a long story, my mom took a just baked French bread and shared it with me. Emotion: big smile
It's kinda funny how the little things mean so much and stay with you for a long time.