Since time immemorial, festivals have always been seemingly indispensable to the Vietnamese. However, it is believed that recent years has witnessed a great loss of its significance as modern people give their utmost priority to personal recreation rather than conventional formality. From my perspective, I am partly in agreement with the statement above.

On the one hand, people are still conscious of the importance of traditional festivals to a certain extent. They thoroughly prepare for the rituals and ceremonies as well as maintain their religious belief. Besides, they have tendency to involve in healthy and meaningful activities which are in the framework of tradition. In fact, we can witness the annual flow of people flocking in spiritual places to pray for a new better start. Therefore, the value of such occasions will eternally exist in people’s mindset.

On the major other hand, it is irrefutable that human become increasingly indifferent in holding the value of traditional festivals; they merely take advantage of them for entertainment. In the first place, young children are not educated about the meanings of important occasions by adults. For instance, during Tet holiday, more children show their strong preference for travelling rather than traditional customs such as wrapping “banh Chung” or worshipping ancestors. Consequently, they start to betray the national origin no matter how much they contribute to the country. In addition, meaning is replaced by celebrations; as much more expenditure is spent on overnight parties rather than gifts or reunion meals. Also, people currently prefer hanging out with friends to gathering with beloved family members. As a result, these festivals become less valuable in modern society.

In conclusion, I partly agree with the principal point that the value of traditional festivals has been gradually forgotten and people are likely to give their top priority to relaxation. In the long term, I think people should change their mind in balancing between the tradition and their demands so that special occasions such as Tet holiday could preserve their original values.


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