I have found the listing of the most frequently used words (and a 2003 conversation on the topic), but I'm looking for where the word "I" stands in the listing of most frequently spoken words in the English language. Thank you for any insights you can provide.
[url=http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org/definition/I ] Webster Online Rosetta Edition[/url] says:

Usage Frequency: "I"
"I" is generally used as a pronoun (personal) -- approximately 97.71% of the time. "I" is used about 904,364 times out of a sample of 100 million words spoken or written in English. Its rank is based on over 700,000 words used in the English language. Some parts-of-speech are not covered due to the samples used by the British National Corpus. (note: percents less than one-hundredth of one percent have been omitted)

Parts of Speech Percent Usage per 100 Million Words Rank in English
Pronoun (personal) 97.71% 883,662 11
Cardinal Number 0.94% 8,500 1,135
Alphabetical Symbol 0.87% 7,832 1,235
Unclassified Items 0.35% 3,132 3,001
Noun (proper) 0.14% 1,234 6,330
Total 100.00% 904,364 N/A

Ah. "I" see.
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I agree!

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I don't see how this answers the question.

Question: Is the word "I" the most frequently used word in English? The second most used? The third most used? And so on? Where is "I" in the rankings thus defined?

Answer: "I" is used as a pronoun X% or the time; it is used as a number Y% of the time; it is used ... And so on.

PS - I don't know the answer either!
I'm writing an article on prayer. In it, one of the reasons I list for Christians in the USA not praying as much as they should (for the most part) is self-reliance. In short, "I can do it," whatever it is. In essence, "playing God." All that to say, with the response I received and through searches on the Internet, I chose to safely say, "I is one of the most used words." So far, there just doesn't seem to be a firm number on the most frequently spoken (as opposed to written or used) English words. Thank you for your assistance!
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