Hi all!

I was listening to this "System of a down" 's song, entitled "Lonely day"; the refrain goes this way:
"The most loneliest day of my life..."
I was wondering if they added "most" because they want to put some emphasis to this sentence, and if it is a common way to say.

Thank you in advance Emotion: smile
I think it's just pretty bad grammar :-) !!
Well, remember that songs, like poetry, can take some freedoms with grammar. It's easy to think of someone saying "This is the most happiest day of my life" to emphasize just how VERY happy she is. But formal writing or speech, no.
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Yes, GG, even in italian songs everyting's allowed! By the way you told me what I wanted to know, that it's possible to hear that in the daily life! Thank you Emotion: wink
I would be inclined to say "most lonely", but, as stated, songs have artistic license to twist grammar any which way. No holds barred in lyrics.
Hi! Actually the correct one should be loneliest, as I found it in my grammar:
Two syllables, ending in Y: happy, silly, lonely/ happier, sillier, lonelier/ happiest, silliest, loneliest

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Yes but they are stretching the rules of grammar, as they often do in songs.

Most is an intensifier. Loneliest is already intensified as far as it is possible to go. In fact it is as far down the scale of loneliness as you can get. It is the number 10 of loneliness on the scale of 1 to 10. There can only be one event that is your loneliest, you can't have a more loneliest or a less loneliest. It is THE ONLY 'loneliest'.

Same as if something is biggest. Nothing is bigger, it is the ultimate size. So you can't have a most biggest or a less biggest. It is THE ONLY 'biggest'.

To be correct 'most lonely' or just 'loneliest' on its own.