Would you answer the following question accompanying with explanation.

A. Do your classmates study a lot?
B. Yes, ----------------students here do.
a. most b. most of

B. Yes, most students here do. (most used in its adjective form)
B. Yes, most of the students here do. (most used in its pronoun form)
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Thank you ver much for your respone.

Would you tell me which part of speech the underlined part is in the following sentence?

Ex. Most of what he told me wasn't true.

What is the difference between the underlined part and the students in the previous post? why of precedes the underlined part but students does not follow of after most.
Thank you very much
it's a noun phrase...I find it's useful to use a substitute word sometimes to see these things more clearly ...i.e. "most of the things"
hrsaneiEx. Most of what he told me wasn't true.
A noun clause, object of the preposition of.
A noun clause is not preceded by a determiner.
Most of the students pass their freshman year.
Most of the (what they tell me) is not true.
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