Who do you think is the most overrated rapper? Here's my top 3:
2)Snoop Dogg
3)50 cent
1 2 3
i got a few

Lil' Jon
Lil' Wayne
(the entire south except Ludacris and Young Buck)
Jay Z
Dipset (they nice, but not as nice as people consider them to be)
Kanye (he's mad nice, but he's getting a little more than what he deserves...he's a better producer than rapper, way better)

Theres a bunch of others but i cant really think of them right now
Nas is probably the most overrated rapper
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Tupac is by far the most over rated rapper, he has no line where i can be like damn thats tight, and his voice sucks, the only reason hes famous is cause he died
Do a Most Underated rapper Subject,

p.s dont b hatin on Pac.
i agree w/u DONT B HATIN!!
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2pac isnt overated at all he's the best ever period nothing more to say....
what the hell are u smokin. Nas is one of the greatest lyricist of all time. you lost all credibility with your statement. You dont know nothing about hip hop.
yeah tupac is overrated but nas is definetly not
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