I've just come across a very curious and small ethnic group living in China very close to Himalaya and the border line with Tibet.

Their characteristic is a matriarchal culture; the Mosuo women take care of everything: they chop wood, breed cattle, catch fish and many other heavy works. They say that their men are too lazy, in fact they prefer chatting and drinking all day long!

The most peculiar aspect of their culture is the 'walking marriage': men walk to the house of their ‘partner' at night, but return to their own home (they live with their mums and grannies) in the morning. Usually the woman chooses her partner and when she is tired of him, she just hangs her bag on the door of her house, so he knows to be an unwelcome guest. Many kids don't even know who is their dad, but knowing that is not an important thing.
Unfortunately this tradition has been misunderstood; in fact a lot of tourists went there believing that Mosuo women were sexually promiscuous, but the truth is that a 'walking marriage' with non-Mosuo men is very strongly frowned on!

If you are curious and want to know more, look [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosuo ]this[/url]
Fran, what do these people have to do with algae? Get back to your studies! You have a presentation to prepare for.

Actually, do you want to know what I thought about? How can you be sure your "wife" isn't your half sister, if neither of you knows who is your father?
lol GG Emotion: big smile Actually I was having a break reading scientific newspapers!

You're right, I bet they take risks without knowing their relatives Emotion: tongue tied Anyway it is a very curious ethnic group!