What is the meaning of "mother with many hats", " Always a Beginning Student of life"?
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What is the meaning of "mother with many hats"

"hats" is a way of saying "roles". If you are a policeman, a train driver, a pilot and a miner, you would wear a different hat for each job. So: "I have many hats" means "I do many different jobs". By extension, it applies to roles and responsibilities as well as jobs.

The phrase is either indicating that the mother has many different roles (nurse, chauffeur, cook, teacher), or that this person is a mother who has many other jobs (but I can't tell which from the phrase on its own).
I might say "putting on my Engineer's hat for the moment ...", meaning that I am going to behave in the manner of an Engineer, although I am away from work. Many people even mime the action of putting on an invisible hat while saying this.
"Always a Beginning Student of life"?

It's not well phrased, but it indicates that Life is a difficult topic to master, and that we are all learners in the study of Life. It's not a standard phrase.