Dear sir,

I am writing to express my interest in Training class 2019 and Internship 2020 in Vietnam National Law Firm. My age-long ambition is to become a good lawyer in the future, I know your firm is professional working environment when I can cultivate a lot of knowledge and skill to complete myself, so I desire to take part in this program to accomplish my dream.

I developed my passion for Business of Law during my studies process in university and my internship at a Law firm and the Court. There are many fields of law, but I enjoy Legal Enterprise, Intellectual Law and Banking Law, thus, I have sought and read major books in the library in order to enhance my understanding of these problems. Besides, I am learning English which is an important tool to help me research documents from resource of foreign to have the broader view of the law of the countries in the world, then I compare with the law of Vietnam. In previous times, I used to practise law, thanks to I had insight about law profession in fact. I guided some working since read and summarized legal records, made files of Enterprise registration and so on. Considering my knowledge has garnered from my previous studies and my experience in the process of internship, I hope that I will not let you down if you elect me. Worked in a big law firm is motivation to push me always cultivate my mind from legal documents, lawyers and colleagues surrounding. I believe that I am hardworking and dynamic enough to perform and complete the tasks assigned.

Training class 2019 and Internship 2020 is a good chance I strive for self-fulfillment and advance my passion with law profession. Becoming an apprentice in Vietnam National Law Firm is the wish not only of me but also of other law students and I hope to continue participating in the next activities of this program.

Best regards!


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