Dear volunteers of this forum,

I would need a little help from you, MountainHiker and all the others who help us very very much).

I have to write a motivation letter for an internship placement in an international organisation.

I have to send also the CV so I don't need (at least I think so) to put all the details of my studies and work experiences in the letter.

I think I have exaggerated a little bit writing about my abilities, so let's start the critics...

Thank you very much

P.S. It's not urgent, but.... ;-)

Dear (name of the Osce section, I don't know the name of the person),

if you are looking for a highly motivated and energetic person who is seeking new challenges and is willing to do always its best, I would like to encourage you to consider my application for the internship.
I am a 21 year old student of International and diplomatic sciences at Genova in . I'm now in the 3rd year that I do at with the program Erasmus to perfect my French and have passed all required courses with very good notes for the final examination. In respect of attained knowledge there should not be a big difference to a university graduate. Apart from studying, I spend a lot of time doing different work experiences, someone with very much responsibility as for the German Red Cross, section fundraising, and for non governmental organisations who work in the international development cooperation, others just to finance my studies but even these experiences permitted me to perfect my language skills in five languages and to work in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, England and Kenya.

After my studies that I will continue at Genf in Suisse and in the United States doing a post-graduated study with major in international law or development cooperation I would like being able to realize my highest ambition, working in an international organisation like the OSCE, the UNO or any other one that tries to “help the word to became a better world”, said it in a very simple and idealistic way. But that catches the point, I want to do something that helps a lot of people, something of very important and I think that I have the right requirements: a very strong willing, high ambitions, flexibility and optimism, the heart at the right place, great communication skills in five languages, the ability to work in group as a part of it but also as a leading person and many other abilities and personality characteristics, among other things I’m also a modest person, knowing when I can’t allow me to be it. All that makes me feel free to say that I fit best for an internship at the Osce and also for a future work placement.

This internship would allows me to understand the methods of working of a very important international organisation, to establish new connections, give me material for new perspectives and ideas, and last but not least provide the opportunity to identify my additional strength and weaknesses and I think that I can fulfil best your requests. This internship at the Osce provides exciting contents. For me, it is even more important that the internship appears to become a potential challenge. Solving a pretentious task offers a high added value for both – the organisation and the trainee. Being an optimistic and creative team player with very good organisation skills and a wide range of interests and abilities, I am also able to work self-contained. I honestly feel confident that not only personal strengths in analytical thinking, problem solving and identifying the determining factors of success, but also very good communication and diplomatic skills and a high familiarity in human relations make of me an interesting candidate, at least I think and hope so!

Being accepted at this internship, I would learn and profit as much as possible from this great opportunity, having the fantastic possibility to work with persons that have highest competences and qualifications, interact with and learn from them, and maybe teach also something to them, who knows? My being continuously funny and serious at the same time it’s a great advantage in every situation!

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerly yours,
Please, is there someone who can correct my letter and give me some hints?

I think it's necessary....

Please!!!! Can someone help me a little bit?

Or is the letter that bad? Should I wrap it?