I am currently trying to arrange an exchange to the London School of Economics, and one of the things I need to do (and is most improtant), is a good motivation letter. Since this is so important, I decided to post it here. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a critical view at it. Please also tell me if I have written anything stupid, that shouldn't be part of a motivation letter anyway.

Thanks a lot!

P.S.: It's also a bit too long at present... :-(

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter, I would like to apply for an exchange programme hosted at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

My name is Ilya Petoukhov and I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Econometrics and Management Science at the Erasmus School of Economics. The field of Econometrics and Management Science covers a unique combination of mathematical and statistical techniques and applications mainly in the field of economics. My interests are very broad and lie mainly in the fields of quantitative marketing, social behaviour and management, although I also enjoy some financial subjects (such as risk management). My main goal in life is to seek out opportunities to further improve and test my skills. I also want to constantly keep learning and discovering things, even after I attain my Masters’ grade.

I am applying for an exchange at the London School of Economics and Political Science for several reasons. First of all, LSE has the best Economics’ department in the wide vicinity. It is currently the best quality I can get, but it’s also the most prestigious Economics’ department, if it comes to my chances on the labour market afterwards. Furthermore, I fell in love with London during my visit some months ago. The greatness of the city and the metropolitan culture really fascinated me. It is also the English for which I want to come to LSE. My English is certainly not bad, but I want to improve my pronunciation the right way (since I prefer British English). Lastly, I think that the English (working) culture would be an interesting addition to my international experience.

Now a brief background sketch: my origins are Russian, I lived in Germany for three years, and about eleven years in Holland. After finishing school with an average grade of 7.9 (out of ten, with ten being perfect and thus usually unachievable), I decided to go to the Erasmus School of Economics. For my first two Bachelor years, I obtained an average of … , while participating in many committees of study associations and such. In my third year I have set aside my studies for a year to become president of our study association (full-time) and have significantly improved my organisational, managerial and social skills. After such a year, my earn for learning had grown and in the first period I have taken twice as many courses as standard (finishing them with a rounded average of 9.0) and am now combining my studies with a research project at EIM Business & Policy Research. For more information I would invite you to take a look at my CV.

I hope that you have a picture of me and my motives to come to the London School of Economics and Political Science. I would gladly give you a more detailed view orally or written, if you want. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Ilya Petoukhov
So, Ilya, did u get this place in London?? Did it worked out? 
I am currently also applying to London for an Arts Degree,nice letter.
Let me know!
Yes, I got there... feel free to use it as inspiration, so long as you don't copy it. Emotion: wink