I need to write a motivation letter for Master studies. My mother tongue is not English as you might have noticed, so I have 2 questions about grammar:

1. can I use no space between the the rows, only double space between the paragraphs?

like this:

pargraphe1 xxxxxxxxxxxx


paragraph 2 xxxxxxxxxxxx


2. can I not write my details in the beginning and just start with the date and then begin the letter with " dear sir or madam"? I'm asking because my letter should not exceed 1 page, and I have a lot to write and I don't want to waste space on detail they already got from my c.v which comes together with the letter.

If someone knows and can reply, I would appreciate it very much.

Hi Anon

I'd say there is some flexibility on what the layout of such a letter should be.

However, it sounds to me as if you're going to end up writing too much. There is a reason that such a letter is limited to one page. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to read your letter. How many "motivation letters" do you think the person has to read? And do you think it will help your cause if there is so much squeezed onto your single page that that fact alone makes your letter more difficult to read?
Yankee has really good advice.
Your motivation letter should grab the reader's attention and make a big impact. A lot of dense text can detract from your message.

Sometimes the school will specify the format, so check with them.