Dear all,

I am asked to write a motivation letter for an internship. I have to motivate the choices of the area of interest and the three places/institutions where to do the internship. 2000 characters (spaces included) is the limit.

I deeply believe that Policies is the area that suits better to me. I have an ever-growing, solid background in Economics, and I devoted my thesis to the impact of different policies and shocks on the economy of the Euro Area.

I honestly believe the DG ECFIN is the right place for my internship. This experience would enable me to come into direct contact with topics where I am strongly interested. An example is the development of models to study the impacts of shocks on the economy, and the design of suitable policies to stabilize macroeconomic variables and foster recovery and growth. Specifically, this topic was an essential part of my master thesis, where I developed a New Keynesian DSGE model for the economies of the US and the Euro Area, which differs only for its complexity from the QUEST model used by the ECFIN. Therefore, this experience would allow me to improve my skills by working in an internationally leading institution, in contact with distinguished economists like Mr. X. For these reasons, I strongly believe to be the perfect candidate for this internship.

I strongly believe that DG ESTAT and FISMA represent two great opportunities for my internship. The former would enable me to deep-dive and gain advanced knowledge in subjects I am already familiar with, and improve my skills, specifically those linked with statistical software like Stata and R. The latter matches my interest in the design and implementation of policy to reach the goal of the EU to create an economy that works for people. Besides, in my academic career, I had the opportunity to analyze deeply the reforms adopted following the financial crisis. I am thirst for knowledge, always looking for new experiences. Therefore, DG ESTAT and FISMA are two great opportunities for my professional growth and to improve my skills. I believe my academic background together with my desire to learn make me a valid candidate for this internship, where I could bring a significant contribution.

(I already know that strongly, deeply and honestly believe might be some mistakes, but I would like to understand when I can use these words).

Thank you for your help!

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