Hi, MountainHiker! I am from China. I met this forum about two months ago and found you are very friendly. Now I want to apply for a PhD position, and I need your help. It would be very helpful. I would highly appreciate your suggestion! Thanks a lot!---By the way, I have registered, but not received the email of password yet.

My structure of the motivation letter:

1. Introduction: who I am, what I want to do, what is future plan and what I can obtain from this program?

2. Why quantum optics?

3. Why your group?

4. Preparation 1: courses taken;

5. Preparation 2: research experience;

6. Extracurricular activity;

7. Summary;

8. Thanks.

I am not satisfied with my letter; I think it has too many paragraphs and maybe too many words. But I don't have any idea to perfect it.

Yours sincerely,



Dear A:

I am a motivated master student of Physics Department at Fudan University in China and I would like to apply for the PhD program in the Group B in University C. After completing the PhD program, I plan to continue my research in the field of quantum control. My objective is to become a faculty member at a leading university and investigate the physics of controllable quantum phenomena. This program would assist me to start my career as a scientist in quantum optics.

I am very excited by quantum optics. It provides fundamental studies with the possibility to test the basis of quantum mechanics and simulate many-body quantum systems with unprecedented control of parameters. With these characteristics unique to itself, quantum optics has found applications in various fields, ranging from laser, precise measurement to quantum information. The mental and physical hard work in such a fascinating field full of surprises will be always enchanting and push me to look and strive for more. It can perfectly satisfy my inherent inclination for the beauty of physics and pursuit of something new.

The Group B has a distinguished research reputation. I have researched it from its homepage and its publications. The research level is international, the environment is stimulating, the projects are creative and the collaborations are broad. They are all crucially advantageous for research, and hence attract me. Besides, University C has a glorious history in physics, which would inspire me to pursue the truth and work harder. I have confirmed such motivation in Prof. D during his visit to Fudan University in this semester.

I have furnished myself with solid foundation in physics and mathematics. It is confirmed by my high GPA and rank. Especially, I have completed the most relevant curriculums, including Atomic Physics, Quantum mechanics, Advanced Quantum mechanics, Electrodynamics, Electronic Method, Electronic Method Experiment, Structures and Properties of Materials, Solid State Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Principles of Semiconductor Technology, Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Laser Physics, and Optical and Opto-Electonics Measurements. Besides, I have attended some Colloquiums on Mesoscopic Physics, Quantum Information, and Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.

I started my experimental experience as early as I just entered the university, and published a paper on liquid crystal light valve in 2002. Now in the Surface Physics Laboratory (National Key Laboratory), I am researching nanomagnetism mainly with optical tools and trying to understand the effects of many-body interactions and dimensionality. With hard working, I have finished several projects, of which the first one was finished when I was a fresh master and had to adapt myself to everything in the laboratory. My experimental research is focused on the ultrathin films Ni/Cu(001), Fe/GaAs(001), Fe/Cu(001) and Fe/CuxAu1-x(001). I have not only mastered UHV, MBE, Surface Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect, STM and Physical Properties Measurement System, but also developed some nanotechnologies, including the in situ ac-susceptometer with optical technique, and the composition wedge to manipulate properties at nanoscale. Besides, I also have theoretical research experience. Especially in the investigation of finite lattice size effect of nanoclusters array, I proposed the concept of temperature fluctuation in the system for the first time. Some projects were finished under collaboration with the colleagues.

In regard to my extracurricular activities, I like playing football, running, cycling, and traveling. I enjoy the success and fun, and appreciate the value of the perseverance and team spirit. I have learnt the commitment necessary for success as an individual and how to work as a team member.

As evidenced by my experience, I have a solid background both in relevant experimental and theoretical physics, a strong adaptability and a high team spirit. With all these abilities and my fascination in quantum optics, I am confident that joining your program will be a great experience and a large step forward toward my final goal.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your favorable reply.

Yours sincerely,

I need your help! Please! Urgent! Thanks a lot! Emotion: crying