Well, I shall say in advance, THANKS to you.. the caring and simpathetic soul that reads this post and is willing to help.

Here is an application letter I will send to an university in Switzerland and my idea was to write a short but impactful letter making my point of why I should be accepted into the program.

In light of this.. any suggestion to correct this, to add more, anything that could be improved... I read with my four eyes (glasses counts?)


Dear Sir

I am writing on behalf my application to the Master of Science in Finance taught by the prestigious HEC Faculty of the University of Lausanne.

I am a candidate from Paraguay with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from a top 5 business school in Latin America, having graduated with honors in the major of Finance. I had the opportunity to work in financial positions at Unilever and ChevronTexaco as well. In addition, I founded and run a small consulting firm that designs financial plans and reports based on SQL programming and outsources medium sized local companies.

The reason I am applying to the program is to gain a thorough understanding of Financial Instruments Modeling and in doing so, building a personal strength in a more quantitative field that ultimately, will allow me to successfully pursue a career within the Financial Industry.

Considering that addressing financial products designing and valuation is a very complex problem that involves a high level of applied mathematics, I believe that having a past education in business and economics could make the models fit more realistically in the real life problems and therefore, I can add an unique approach to lectures and later on, in a highly specialized Finance position.

Finally, having known the high reputation of the HEC Faculty and Switzerland as one of the major financial centers of the world; I am sure it will be both, a personal and academic life time experience.

Looking forward for your reply, I thankfully salute you for considerate my application.

Yours faithfully,

Víctor Sotta
would anyone care to give me some feedback on this??????????????????????????????????????
Thanks for the feedback people, i am really moved by your help
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I'm not very profesoinal in english but in my idea writing "dear sir or madam " would be better!
since may a lady reads your letter!