Motivation letter for bachelor's degree in arts in humanities.
Is this letter good enough to get a chance at the university?

In a fast-changing world, it is difficult to have one choice of profession and get success in that. I was always interested in various subjects and professions. My academic results were always better in the subjects of the humanities. While growing up, I could feel the importance of having knowledge of the humanities in life. I have completed my higher secondary study from business studies background; however, I could not deny my wish of doing my bachelor's in arts in humanities, which has always been my dream. I have set my mind to apply for this subject particularly at the University of Tallinn as the university is enriched with renowned teachers, modern technologies, and educational facilities. The international atmosphere and different clubs will be a great help for me. The course is planned to provide quality education along with the chance of doing an internship abroad. To keep me and my devotion on the right track, this university will be the best choice and will allow me to gather further professional knowledge and serve my nation in the future.

To me, Humanities are the keys that can open numerous doors. They can make us understand the connection of human beings to themselves, to their past and future, to other humans, and to the creator. I came to know about humanities from my sister, she has graduated in this subject. I was amazed at how she had a different view of different situations. That was my first inspiration to know more about the humanities. Being an extrovert, meeting with students from different nations will accelerate personal development. I will always have newer lessons to explore. Knowing the cultures and languages of other countries will prepare me for professional life. This subject will open paths to numerous professions to pick one. Intending to become a better human by acquiring academic knowledge, I believe this subject will be the best choice.

I had general interests in the Languages and Cultures of different countries from the beginning. Presently, I find myself interested in anthropology and philosophy. Philosophy is an evolving modern subject for students. Living in a developing country, I felt that the knowledge of anthropology could bring positive changes here, such as saving the environment and bringing a solution to the problem that lies in our politics and economy. Finally, studying anthropology and philosophy will surely make me prepared for the diverse world in which we live in.

If I am given a chance to study at this university, by the end of the program I will have a clear view regarding the areas of humanities in which I have my utmost interest and expertise. Then, I will be able to either go for my master's program on that particular subject, or depending on the situation, I will be returning to my country to start my career. The qualities of teamwork, adaptableness, flexibility, proficiency in different languages will be increased. I am determined to devote myself to learn the areas of humanities so that I can be an effective human resource in any company and bring overall success. Mostly, I will also be prepared to have a balanced life.


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