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Sample of motivating your self when applying bursary?
Hi - please assist me with a motivational letter to apply for a bursary. I am in my first year at Wits University studying accounting science
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Hi iwould someone to help me about my life orientation assessment enhle mazibuko from Silver height secondary

Hi Brenda

I am also finding difficulties to write any one please help!

I hope by now you are okay and have your degree or diploma whatever it may be.

This is all I could come up with for now concerning my situation:

I probably do not deserve this funding more than other students provided I have reached 30 years old now and want to change career from Bachelors of Education to Diploma in Transportation Management. I have encountered many challenges due to lack of funds to complete and acquire my full professional Education resulting in me being a Reading Coach. Difficulties securing my studied has prevailed until now I owe NWU 3rd year of study fees in order to complete my final year. I am grateful for this work though, being the sole provider for my family with my contractual stipend and having started afresh with UNISA B. Ed part-time is not only not enough but also risky since every year there is a high possibility of new candidates being selected. I know by now the moment I study full time with less weight off my shoulders I can help not only my family but many going through the same problem I encountered one day.

Thanks a lot anonymous

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Pedio Hi i would like you to help me on writting motivation letter for a bursary of master in accounting
Thanks Brenda
Hi pls help me write the motivation letter for a bursary they have already pay for the first year and I have passed with 2 distinctions now I have to motivate them to pay again this year

all the best ,hopefully it works out for you

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Please do, I really need that.

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