Hi i would like you to help me on writting motivation letter for a bursary.

Thanks Brenda
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Hello Pedio and welcome to the forum [<:o)]

I am certain that people on this forum would be delghted to help you. Write your letter and post it on the forum for comments and corrections.
I am Juliet Rakgoale currently studying at the University of Johannesburg taking Engineering Metallurgy. i am doing my final year of theory in the University; however my financial resources are keeping me at stake.

I am from a family of five children in which i happen to be the second born, with both parents working. My mom as a teacher and paying the bond, my dad working as a Machine Fitter and taking care of evrything and everyone at home. It has been tough from the beginning to get them to handle my tuition fees while taking care of the others at home.

It would be of my great honour if I could be granted the bursary, I will delightfully accept it and pledge to do my very best in exceeding your required expectations of me.
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Thats not a motivation for a bursary, its a SOB story

Motivation for a bursary should demonstrate for career spirations and how it relates to your studies & the bursary you are applying for

Demonstrate your cognitive abilities, how you have excelled, what you want to achieve
I am Busisiwe Makwa currently a contract worker at carious companies depending if I get work I would like to be given an opportunity to study further I am interestesd in a Degree in Human Resources Management. THe reason am seeking a bursary is that my parents can't manage to take me to schhol as my mother does not work, we only survive with the salary of my father and mine, I want to further my studies because I want to be a better person and to change the situation at home and be able to take care of them, and have an opportunity one day to change someone else's life by contributing towards their qualification as well. I know I did not do that well in my matric results but I believe I am a changed person now and I know what I want out of life and I know what life has to offer when you plot your seed in right areas to let it grow, i will do anything to get ahead in life in order to better my situation at home and make a different, i am a hard work and given the opportunity I will prove that you did not do a mistake by choosing me to get the bursary, I want to look back in my life and be proud and also make my parents proud of what I know i will achieve. Please consider my application hope to hear from you soon. Regards Busisiwe Makwa
PedioHi i would like you to help me on writting motivation letter for a bursary. Thanks Brenda
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Please help write a motivational letter for a bursary application.i have just passed my matric
Motivational letter should representative to the commission in charge about you and the reasons why they should choose you and you need to write about your strong point as personal.

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Here Sample of Motivational Letter for Bursary
To :whom concern

Am 26 years of age and would and always wanted to study finance Manager .why for me figures and documents and making important decides and really going into a field of finance and because i went into the field by just assisting it really made me just want to reach it more so ...i started as a cashier and feel that ...i can become more and sawing that my work is giving busiery to workers just made me want to try can you help me write a motivational letter
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