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Can you pls tell the exact difference between motivation letter & cover letter...

What is expected under appealing motivation letter

& what is expected in cover letter.. little bit elaborative...



Can you pls tell the exact difference between motivation letter & cover letter...

What is expected under appealing motivation letter

& what is expected in cover letter.. little bit elaborative...

Here are some brief comments.

cover letter

Usually refers to a letter that is sent when you apply for a job. You send both a letter and a detailed resume.

Start by saying what job you are applying for.

Mention the highlights of your relevant sjills and experience. Leave details in your resume.

Review the main qualifications the employer says he is looking for, and show how you can meet his needs.

Say your detailed resume is attached.

Finish by asking for an interview, and by saying how you can be contacted, eg by phone.

motivation letter

Usually used when you are applying for something, eg for acceptance at a university.

Explain your motives for applying, eg

why you want to study this subject

why you want to attend this particular university

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Dear Clive, I could use some help. I am applying to a very competitive film school in France and they want a 'motivation' letter. Well I've written 4 pages about why I'm motivated which is way too long. The only thing I left out is why I want to go to their particular school. Where can I find a stellar example of a motivation letter for a masters in cinematography at a French film school so I can get some help editing my motivation letter?

Or what kind of ad do I put out for someone to edit my motivation letter as it is? A college here? I'm in Albany NY and it's not going to work if the editer isn't into film and that would be NYC. Are there resources for me? This is crucial because I'm 53 and there are no black female cinematographers currently working in the US so I need to go to France to make this last step in my career work. Thank you.

Thank you - can you cc my e-mail
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I honestly don't know what to suggest to you. Surely cinematography must be a relatively small 'world'? Can you not find an experienced cinematographer or perhaps a college professor to advise you?

My general advice would be to have confidence in the strength and validity of your own motivation. You must be a creative person, so try to express yourself in your own honest voice.

Dos the fact that you are black form an important part of your motivation? If so, I think you should explain how. If not, I'd just let it slide.

If you just want help with the English, you can post your text here if you wish.

Best wishes again, Clive

thank u
but i'm going to apply for a job and they asked all candidates to send a motivation letter with the resume
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I think they probably mean a cover letter.
Just add a few sentences to explain why you want the job.


Hi, all! Many people cannot distinguish between a motivation letter and the cover one. Some of them use these terms interchangeably. Nevertheless, these two documents do differ from each other. Thus, let us highlight the features intrinsic to each of the letters here: Motivation Letter vs a Cover Letter: Is There any Difference? Good luck!

How to identify a cover letter?

  • Kind of document: obligatory
  • Situation: applying for a position
  • Function: persuade the HRs to read the sent resume
  • Information provided: abilities, professional experience, education, achievements
  • Pertinence of content: relating to a job position
  • Length: half a page

How to determine a motivation letter?

  • Kind of document: optional
  • Situation: applying to an educational establishment, internship
  • Function: uncover applicant’s motivation and ambitions
  • Information provided: qualifications, skills, talents, accomplishments, problems
  • Pertinence of content: the data that are both relevant and irrelevant to the job position
  • Length: one page

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