Dear Sir/Madam

Please help me to write a motivation letter for applying job as a driver.Hoping for responce.

sincerely yours

You are the only person who knows why you want a job as a driver.

Try to write something, and then we'll help you with it.

I have no idea where to start.
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You don't know why you want this job?

I do, but the problem is i dont know where to start by writing the letter. i have no much expierience.

Do you like driving?

Are you a good driver?

Have you ever had an accident?

Have you ever had a speeding ticket, or any similar problem with the police?

Are you honest? Are you reliable?

You could try to talk about things like this.

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request is herein made for the above subject, please you can sent to me on Email Removed">Email Removed

thanks with regards

Hi,am here seeking for help how to write a motivation letter for drivers


Motivation letter for driving at palladium
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