Dear Madam W....,

I have been recently talking to Madam L..... from I....... about your project. She asked me to send a letter of motivation. With this correspondence, I would like to introduce myself and show my interest and motivation for your project.

I see your implementation in Switzerland as a great opportunity for my professional development, because it could allow me to implement on a larger scale what I have been doing during the last 5 years. This would mean for me to put into action a growth strategy for your products in a country where I have good connections and with products that could fit with the high standard of quality required on the Swiss medical market.

As you will notice in my Curriculum vitae, my business experience and my Master in Business and Administration have allowed me to make a precise analyse of the market requirement concerning our range of products. I have then been able to convince my Company to introduce new concepts for our customers. These new concepts have brought additional sales possibilities for an existing market/segments, improved the visibility of the Company and gain some very important Key Opinion Leader support. The development of my personal network particularly in France and in Switzerland and my colleagues in Germany made our new launches successful. Thanks to this success, we have also gained a strategic collaboration with one major Medical Device Company on our market. For sure, this close collaboration is going to end with an acquisition and the transfer of my activities to an area close to Aarau, This is the reason why I want to anticipate this acquisition and find a new project where I can continue to invest my energy and motivation.

During my last two experiences, I worked as a manager for the staff and the sales teams (about 5-7 people). Amongst other things, like the organization of the work, I was responsible for goals setting and evaluation, job interviews, writing the contracts and certifications. I enjoyed this work and so I decided to make it more professional by taking different additional trainings.

Personally, I consider myself as a dynamic, perseverant and organized person. I like to think ahead and beyond regular solutions for ordinary problems. During these last 5 years I have participated to the launch of a new company and I have really learned a lot in that period. I have not only acquired new business knowledge, but most important than that, I have learned the values of teamwork and of organization to accomplish tasks in time. I have a very good technical understanding, advanced computer skills (MS Office, CRM softwares) and a good command of English, which I have improved with a Business English Course and training at Chicago during one year. I currently work and speak in German.

I am sure that your project is a two-way road, because I can certainly offer you all of my effort and experience to bring you success and you can help me to achieve an important goal to work for a major Company.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my motivation letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future,

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Yours sincerely,
I'd place more emphasis on what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you - so re-think your first paragraph.

Address - it is not correct to refer to a woman as 'Madam name....' Only use madam if you do not know the woman's name. You need to use 'Miss/Mrs/Ms name .....' as appropriate. Ms is probably the best choice for a business letter.
Thank you nona for your comments. I agree with you, I should improve the first paragraph. And concerning Madame I will change it to Mrs. Have a good day