I am currently writing my motivation letter for a Bachelor's degree. It is far from ready, but I would already in this step need some tips on how to make it better!

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter I would like to present my interest in applying for the xxx starting in autumn 2020. This May I will be graduating and receiving my diploma from xxx a senior high school located in Helsinki, Finland.

xxx ((the senior high school's namel)) has provided me with relevant and educational courses predominantly taught in Swedish. Additionally, they have given me a great opportunity to elaborate on my upcoming academic alternatives. During my third year I started to truly develop a clear insight of what I want my future to behold. I want to start my own business.

I lived in Berlin for three years prior to high school and encountered an international study environment for the first time in my life. When returning to school in Finland, I began to realise what a confined community the Swedish speaking Finns are, with schools having little to no diversity. It struck me that the academic setting with international students I have been seeking since returning from Berlin, might not be found in my home country.

I wish to study full-time in English because I would like to challenge myself by extending my knowledge of the English language. Furthermore, it would give me an opportunity to work internationally in the near future. Creating global networks is very important to me. I would like to amplify that I am very interested in consecutively improving my language skills and learning new ones.

I have heard remarkable things about studying in The Netherlands from family members and acquaintances. Additionally, the welcoming Dutch people and motivating study environments have inspired me to apply to study abroad. I’m curious of the Dutch language and devoted to surround myself with it as much as possible. Naturally, moving to The Netherlands would give me a chance to also learn a fifth language fluently. It is a bonus for me, my studies being the priority, but worth to mention.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and precious time,


Were you given any guidelines - areas to cover, word count? What's the application deadline?

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