Dear Sir or Madam,:

I wish to apply as a freshman student for Bachelor program in Business Administration (BBA) offered at XXXXX .

From your university website, I learnt about this Bachelor’s programme, and I am very interested in it. This program will give me the opportunity to link my past education, languages, with new studies in the economic field, of which I have had some direct experiences in a familial company. When attending High School, in summer periods, I worked in this company covering different places.

This Bachelor would be a big step in my career because it would help me to obtain managerial know-how, effective awareness of administrative work, the methodology of research, and it would prepare me for positions of leadership in the business, professional and public sectors of a global economy. I have found many interesting courses that would suit my field of interest, such as “Management”, “Finance”, “Marketing”, and “International Business”.

To achieve my future goals I need a good preparation in all these matters, and this Bachelor program is the right one in order to realize my aspirations.

Based on the reputation of XXXXX, its teaching resources and studying environment, I consider XXXXX University my best choice for studying, and a model for other universities interested in developing a globally focused business program. This Bachelor program would give me the right preparation to enter in the working world with a good and deep knowledge. I am highly motivated to attend this Bachelor and I am sure that this motivation would help me to succeed.

Also the courses, all taught in English, show me new manners to learn. And I am interested in this type of education. As you can see from the required documents I sent you, after getting my baccalaureate in experimental science from YYYYY school(Casablanca) in June 2005, I have been accepted in ZZZZZ University (Casablanca) to take a foundation year program. During this year I have learned a lot of new subjects related to business.

To support my motivation, I would like to introduce myself. I am a determinate person who always fights hard to achieve her goals. I am independent, intuitive, calm under pressure and have good interpersonal skills. I am able to adapt to a constantly changing work and study environment and to maintain a good relationship with individuals also from different cultures and backgrounds. I like also team work. My teachers know me as a courteous, dutiful and resourceful student and my classmates know me as a light-hearted friend and an enthusiasm co-worker.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Yours sincerely
Souki - is that you?
hello, I am not souki, I am her sister.

We studied together, and now we are applying for the same course.

Thank you for your help.